Hilary Jack works across media in research based projects, site referential artworks, sculptural installations and interventions. Her work has an activist element which comments on the politics of place, socio- political issues and the impact of human activities on our planet. The discovery of a found object often triggers ideas for new work exploring recurring themes of loss, abandonment, reparation and the human experience.

Hilary has exhibited across the UK and Internationally. Her work is in public and private collections and has recently been acquired by The Government Art CollectionAlnoba Sculpture Park USA and Manchester Art Gallery where it is on long term display in the main atrium. Hilary is represented by Division of Labour.

Along with Lucy Harvey Hilary is co founder and director of Paradise Works  Between 2003 and 2008 with artist Paul Harfleet she co founded and directed Apartment an artist led space in a one bedroom flat on the sixth floor of Lamport Court a council tower block in central Manchester.


Currently exhibiting; 

No Borders, is on long term display at Yorkshire Sculpture Park  in the Formal Garden. A second full scale edition of No Borders has been acquired by Alnoba Sculpture Park, New Hampshire, USA Alnoba Art Park.

Micro Plastics Rain Down from the Sky at Division of Labour with S Mark Gubb and Edward Clydesdale Thomson.

Plastic Matters, Turquoise Bag in a Tree (Archive) at UHArts, University of Hertford.