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The Guardian, Keep your eyes Peeled, page 5, feature, main section, The Messenger, Borders Sculpture Park, May 4th 2018. Photo Credit Murdo Macleoud Guardian Images

The Times, What Goes Around, main section, The Messenger, Borders Sculpture Park, Mellerstain House, page 20, may 4th 2018. Photo Credit Robert Perry, Getty Images.


Finding Treblinka: Archeological Investigations and Artistic Responses

Caroline Sturdy Colls and Michael Branthwiate present major findings of archeological work alongside artists responses commissioned as part an international traveling exhibition. Click Here.

Corridor 8 on the Late Great Planet Earth

Review by Claire Walker. Click Here. 

Hilary Jack: Prophesy, Memory, and the End of the World

Essay by Eleanor Clayton, writer and curator, Hepwoth Wakefield, Yorkshire. Click Here.

The Late Great Planet Earth, Bury Sculpture Centre

Article by Bob Dickinson. Click Here.

Does The Blood Moon Mean The End is Nigh?

Sarah Walters, for Ats and Culture, Manchester Evening News, Oct 13th 2015. Click Here.

Inside OutHouse, at Quays Culture Salford

Click here.

…And Scent of Pine and The Woodthrush Singing

Link to Castlefield gallery

An essay by Professor Dan Hicks

A contextual essay by Dr Axel Lapp can be read here

Axel Lapp works as curator, critic and publisher in Berlin. He is contributing editor for Art Review and occasionally writes for Art Monthly and Art in America. Until recently he ran his own space, Axel Lapp Projects (www.axellapp.de), and is publisher of THE GREEN BOX (www.thegreenbox.net). He is involved with the International Curators’ Forum (ICF), and in 2008, organised the Collectors’ Program of Art Forum Berlin.

The Social Lives of Objects Hilary Jack, Dallas Seiz and Lisa Penny at Castlefield Gallery

“Hilary Jack, Lisa Penny and Dallas Seitz use lost, found and broken objects in sculpture, collage and photography to examine the moment objects loose their use, order and meaning.”

To read essay, Click Here.

Esther Windsor is a writer and curator. She is currently studying for a practice based phD at kingston University. Projects include “Bad Girls” ICA 1994, curation of The Citibank Prize and catalogue 1992-4 and her writing for Creative Camera.

Hilary Jack Artist of the Month Axis

“.. Reflecting on ethical tensions between object and environment {Jack} considers the problem of over-consumption and our never ending need for more stuff. By making profound but seemingly incidental interventions in the world, Jack salvages moments of humour and theatricality through the process of repairing discarded objects. “

Read the essay in full here

Ele Carpenter is a curator, artist and researcher based in Newcastle

The In Betweeness of Things: Hilary Jack at Transition Gallery for E8, The Heart of Hackney Amanda Ravetz

“At the heart of Hilary Jacks work is a commitment to “the social life of things”. Her gathering and rehabilitation of lost or abandoned objects are less acts of altruism than statements of fact. Holding open the possibility that objects are (non-human) people, treating them as interlocutors, the artist momentarily defies the incommensurability between our world and theirs.

Read the essay in full Click here.

Dr. Amanda Ravetz is an AHRC Fellow at MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University where she is currently pursuing research into Contemporary Convergence of Aesthetics and Ethnography’.

Review, The Guardian